Hellmann's® knows that to really "Bring Out The Best,"
we need to do more than just taste great. That’s why our delicious
Blue Ribbon Quality Mayonnaise is made with real ingredients
sourced from trusted American farms.

We're on a mission to use 100% cage-free eggs and 100% responsibly
sourced soybean oil by 2020, and we’re already well on our way...

What is "Responsible Sourcing"?

Cage-Free Eggs

Our Goal: 100% Cage-Free by 2020

Cage-free hens have significantly better lives than those in cages. They are able to walk, spread their wings and lay their eggs in nests. We care, and that’s why we’re committed to this goal.

Hellmann's® is proud to use cage-free eggs certified by the American Humane Association™ and the Association For Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry.

responsibly sourced Soybean Oil

Our Goal: 100% Responsibly Sourced by 2017

Hellmann's® proudly works with American family farms. As part of our responsible sourcing efforts, we’re engaging responsible soybean farmers in Iowa together with Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture to continuously improve the sustainability of their farms and preserve the land for future generations.

Our Promise is Simple:

Dig Deeper

We’re on a mission to make our responsibly sourced ingredients the Blue Ribbon Standard for the industry, and we can’t do this without our farmers. Read on to get to know 3 of our incredible Blue Ribbon Farm families that proudly supply Hellmann's® with responsibly sourced soybean oil.

Blue Ribbon Quality. Responsible Sourcing. Cage-Free.
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Blue Ribbon Quality

In 1905, Richard Hellmann opened a deli in New York City and began selling his delicious homemade mayonnaise. He labeled it with a blue ribbon to represent the very best quality of his product, and it eventually became the iconic symbol of Hellmann's® Mayonnaise. Our commitment to “Blue Ribbon Quality” and real ingredients is why we’ve now committed to use only cage-free eggs and responsibly sourced soybean oil. Hellmann's® brings out the best, and our goal is to also do our best for our customers and our planet.

Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to responsibly sourcing our soybean oil. This means we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the farms we work with are dedicated to sustainable and responsible farming practices that preserve and protect the land.

Hellmann's® farmers monitor and work to improve their sustainability efforts in the following areas: land use, conservation, soil carbon, irrigation water use, water quality, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting these earth-friendly initiatives, Hellmann's® can continue to make great-tasting mayonnaise and preserve our lands for generations to come.

Hear a personal story about farming and the future of agriculture from one of our farmers, Mark Jackson: Mark Jackson’s TED Talk

Learn more about Hellmann's® and Unilever’s journey towards sustainability here: Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code


Our commitment is to use only cage-free eggs in our mayonnaise by 2020. Cage-free eggs come from hens that live indoors, but are not confined to cages. They can move about and perform basic natural behaviors, like spread their wings, dust-bathe, roost, scratch and lay their eggs in nests. It’s a significantly better life. Learn more here.

The American Humane Certified™ program verifies that certified producers’ care and handling of farm animals is humane and meets the animal welfare standards of the American Humane Association. These standards are based upon values known as the "Five Freedoms": freedom from hunger or thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behavior and freedom from fear or distress. Learn more here.

The Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry (KAT) is the inspection body in Germany and neighboring EU countries for the inspection of eggs from various forms of hen rearing including barn rearing. All eggs that Hellmann's® imports from Europe are KAT certified and adhere to Hellmann's® standards for cage-free eggs. Learn more here.

Field To Market

In 2012, Unilever joined Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. As one of Unilever’s top brands, Hellmann's® is actively working with Field to Market to engage 150 growers in measuring continuous improvement of outcomes-based metrics for 170,000 acres of soybeans. This organization brings together U.S. producers, agribusinesses, food companies and conservation organizations to create sustainable outcomes in U.S. commodity agriculture.

Learn more here.

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